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Oct 5, 2013

Wildlife Rescue Incorporated

Wildlife Rescue Incorporated (WRI) commissioned Ultecom to develop a fully customised call centre solution that would enable them to recruit home based operators to take emergency calls. The system has been designed to provide a robust, high capacity solution that has very low operating costs.

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Wildlife Rescue Incorporated (WRI) has commissioned a new Call Centre switch built by Ultecom. The Centre will operate full-time, providing a genuine 24/7 emergency number for members of the public throughout NSW to call when wildlife is in need of assistance. The Call Centre has been designed to allow volunteer phone operators to “work” at home on a weekly roster, using their broadband connection to make and receive VoIP phone calls. When fully operational, the Centre will be staffed by up to 10+ phone operators (depending on demand) and will be capable of handling 300+ incoming calls per day, without queuing. All operators are required to have had experience handling or caring for native animals and therefore be competent to process calls to the Centre. The Centre commenced operating in September.